It all started with Breakfast… & then Gingers Coffee Studio – 109A Goodwood Road, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA.

It is probably quite fitting that my first post, and what will likely consume many more, covers breakfast. Most important meal of the day and all that… but yes, for me as an early riser, I love breakfast and the whole ‘event’ of breakfast.

It all began when I first moved to Melbourne and was literally gobsmacked at the sight of everyone hitting the cafes from first light to mid afternoon and grazing on breakfast while reminiscing of events from the prior night, sipping lattes and reading the paper. It looked so cool, it was fun and it was just the way to make you feel like it was a weekend. It didn’t take me long to assymilate and you could find me down Chapel or High Street in Prahran doing just the same pretty regularly. My (now) husband and I had a ritual of swapping the sport and real estate sections over bacon and eggs on Saturday morning as we relaxed for a couple of hours and took a breath on the back of a busy week – and usually an eventful Friday night.

After moving back to Adelaide I must say it was one of the biggest disappointments… Good breakfast venues were few and far between, it was expensive and you were lucky if anyone served it past 11.30am. Now, thankfully, like true Adelaide style we finally get it, have run with it and haven’t looked back since. Breakfast in Adelaide is a hip and happening thing and plenty of places are putting on a great spread. Hallelujah!

My first review is of a local haunt, still fairly new, but apparently associated with another of our favourite finds (Pantry on Egmont, Hawthorn) and is “Ginger’s Coffee Studio” on Goody Road. Small, eclectic retro decor and a simple but varied menu to satisfy all your needs. The breakfast burger looks like an interesting option after an indulgent night before, but not this time for me.

Today is the new style of brekky I am getting used to – not so ‘lazy and late’, more so early and with my friend Sam and our young kids… mine sound asleep over this time but hers ready to run! We order our drinks and given today is part of Adelaide’s hot summer heatwave a freshly squeezed juice sounds perfect. [Apple, orange, pineapple] combo a favourite of mine and out quickly to quench that thirst.


We both order eggs, mine with bacon, and continue to chat about recent happenings, annoyances and pleasures of the kids and comment on the vintage pieces across this venue that catch our eye. Staff are friendly and attentive and while the space is fairly small I kinda like that. Perhaps it is the Melbourne in me.

Food isn’t the quickest out but worth the wait and is piping hot and fresh on arrival. Light on the toast serving, but generous on the good stuff, we both tuck in. Sam’s eggs are poached, cloud like outers sitting proud on the plate and oozing perfectly as she cuts in, and my scrambled eggs quite dense but beautifully seasoned and bright coloured. Bacon is lean and served crisp like I asked… thank you!

IMG_7253 IMG_7254

We see the healthier options coming out which all look nice too and the coffee machine is getting a workout by both those having breakfast along with takeaway customers made up of cyclists and walkers-by that are the store’s likely regulars.

All in all it was a good experience, nice and reasonably priced breakfasts, fabulous juice and friendly service. I encourage you to check it out. They do lunch also!

[Coffee was tested on a visit since, latte was good, served warm rather than hot which seems to be the ‘in thing’ at many venues.]

Ginger’s Coffee Studio
109A Goodwood Road, Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia

Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Vibe: 7/10
Price: $$


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2 thoughts on “It all started with Breakfast… & then Gingers Coffee Studio – 109A Goodwood Road, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA.

  1. I have also visited Gingers for a coffee and cake in the afternoon with my husband and the service and friendliness was excellent.

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