Lazy Sundays & Fresh Mex… Arriba Grill – 476 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, Adelaide, SA


Well it is a lazy Sunday and we’re having dinner with my sis and soon to be bro-in-law. We’ve all been busy today, so takeaway is on the cards and we decide to head to Arriba (Mexican) Grill. The claim – organic, fresh and tasty burritos.

I have driven past quite a few times and been intrigued, pleased to see another new funky dining option pop up in Radelaide burbs, and excited to give it a go. I have heard their original Prospect store is fabulous and it is great to have one this side of town. There is also one in Glenside for the eastern suburbs folk.

We head there and the concept is simple – all they do is burritos – & following several steps you make your selections on fillings and style: meat, salad, sauces, spiciness and in a wrap or bowl (great for those avoiding gluten). Between the four of us we pretty much cover the whole menu… yes it is very basic, but on a Sunday night that is probably good!

The menu system is something I really enjoy… up on a board clearly but with a sheet for you to tick your selections, obviously making the cooking process easy and less risk for everyone. I LIKE! The great benefit was my sis had collected forms last visit so the group had filled in at home which was super easy! Pricing is from $9-$15 per burrito, which is extremely reasonable considering the quality of ingredients.


We enjoy the decor waiting for our takeaway, chuckling at the original retro Super Mario video game set up by the window, funky cacti on tables and the basic but sufficient seating set up for this ‘takeaway’ come ‘eat in’ store. The customer flow is consistent, many people agree that a burrito is a good dinner option tonight.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.26.22 AM

I appreciate seeing our food being made by staff as we wait… all the fresh and organic ingredients visible over the counter as they compile the yummy bundles of goodness. Thanks to the menu sheets they even get named on the bags making distribution in your group a breeze.

Ready to eat we all delve into our burritos and they are just what we craved… hearty, fresh (and from our choice) the perfect level of spice desired. The room is silent, always a good sign, and it almost becomes a race to see who can smash it first. All the components work really well, the tomato salsa sauce and guacamole is delish, meat is tender and all is held/wrapped together really well – there is no liquid escaping from these bad boys.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.44.54 AM

My only real criticism is that I wish it was hotter (temperature), I even give it a zap in the microwave… From last visit my sister actually asked them about how hot it is meant to be and staff explained their intention is more like a sandwich with warm meat, very lightly heated bread and then cold salads. Intention or not, I just wish it was served warmer. Others in our group disagree and like it as is, verdict is split on this challenge in our group: 2-2. Maybe the temperature option could be a selection – a quick heat post wrapping for those that want it hot? The lime rice could have a little more lime for me, but I do appreciate that there is a fine line when it can then dominate too much.

My other wish is that there were some ‘sides’ options… smokey paprika spiced chips with a zesty dipping sauce or even that amazing juicy mexican corn that made me yell “OMFG” when I first tasted thanks to Melbourne’s Mamasita (which I have since found the recipe for and recreated, here for those begging me for the recipe. The finished result looks like this).

Instead, our “side” this evening was a bottle of St Hugo GSM (Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro) at home. In full disclosure a ‘work baby’ of mine. However, I must say though it was an exceptional partner – rich, juicy, savoury. It is heavy enough to work with a spicy burrito but soft enough to let the fresh flavours of the food play their part too. It does cost nearly as much as the four burritos, but damn it was great and why the hell not… Good food, great people and all that. As my favourite wine at work at the moment, I encourage you to check it out (limited distribution in fine wine retailers) but noticed like usual Dan Murphy’s has it far too cheap – so enjoy while you can – only a small make on exceptional years.
This does also make me note, if eating in store there is only a fridge of softies… no alcohol. Perhaps a BYO from the BWS next door would be allowed (?) or grab a bottle of vino or a 6pk of Corona or Sol while getting your takeaway to take home with you.


Overall, the burritos were pretty spectacular – extremely fresh and tasty, packed full, wrapped tight and the store experience was great. I really like the concept and will certainly be back again. If you want a cheap, easy, fresh, tasty and pretty healthy takeaway with a difference… ditch the fish and chips or soggy burger option and trade up from your local yiros – try an Arriba Burrito. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner.

Arriba Grill
476 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, Adelaide, South Australia

Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Vibe: 7/10
Price: $

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Sundays & Fresh Mex… Arriba Grill – 476 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, Adelaide, SA

  1. Have also eaten at Arriba’s and had the bowl and not the burrito, superb and really, really enjoyed it. Cheap and a great meal. Staff are so friendly. We ate ‘in’ and will certainly be back. Had suggested last week to go there with my daughter and partner but they had eaten there the night before – that says it all I think.

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