Fancy a Burger in the city? Fancy Burgers (FB’s), 17 Synagogue Place, Adelaide, SA

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There is no doubt I have a love affair with burgers… ever since my visit to the “US of A” five years ago I realised just how much I love a good burger and had a new definition of what ‘good’ actually was. The fact is that the seemingly simple burger can in reality be amazingly divine or devastatingly average.

So this post is one I am unashamedly excited about. Not just because of my affection for the old meat patty and bun but also because I have been itching to see what some old high school mates have done with the recent opening of a city Fancy Burgers store. In full disclosure I am already a fan of Fancy Burgers (original Blackwood shop style) but if anything, I know I will be extra picky on if they have been able to step it up a notch with this city location.

Today a weekday lunch and an escape from the office has been organized and as we head down the seemingly quiet Synagogue Place off Rundle Street I am impressed at the external fit out of this cool little joint which is perfectly framed by urban buildings towering around it.

Pleased to see Justin’s friendly face and founder George flipping burgers out the back I already feel at home and we grab a menu and are no doubt spoilt for choice across 15+ beef, chicken, lamb and vego burgers and even steak sandwiches too with an average price of about $12. Justin’s reco is “The Legend” a lamb patty with a field mushroom, Woodside goats cheese & other goodies (but it is big apparently). However I can’t go past the “Holy Smokes”. My dining mate gets tempted by the “Sunrise Surprise” due to the avocado inclusion but is wary of the pineapple in the combo but decides to give it a go – this trip is all about testing. Seasoned chips on the side (of course!) and one of George’s homemade sauces are a non-negotiable staple. The other interesting thing is that they only offer wholemeal rolls now – fine by me. As always the full menu is very much about fresh, high quality local produce in diverse yummy combinations and with amazing store-made sauces.

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After we order there follows a late lunch rush and a line appears almost all the way to the door – wow – it seems that despite this relatively new venue being down a quiet dead end street, word has most definitely got around that this is the place to be. The open kitchen in full customer view seems every bit capable to step it up a notch, barely breaking a sweat, and the burgers are streaming out to all the punters with open arms (and mouths).

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While we wait I take a look around and the fit-out it really snazzy. Unique, quirky, vibrant but definitely calculated. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into every element and I am super impressed. I love the ‘pods’ down the side which are distinctively like the oval shelter sheds I recall hanging out in with these guys at school – but these ones are decked out, each with an individual style. The artistic checkerboard floor and walls full of frames is my favourite. Street art and retro 50’s illustrations fill any gaps around the place and it is cool. Very cool!

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Burgers are out in the blink of an eye, which is great as since I read the menu I have been incredibly hungry. Full, juicy and layered to perfection we dig in and my shoulders relax as it lives up to every expectation. Phew! Loving the combo of an awesome patty, layers of roasted peppers, salad, cheese and the moist-maker layers of smoked chilli mayo and BBQ relish… it has an undertone of heat that is perfect and lingering while letting all the other elements still play their part. One of the best things is the roll, even wholemeal, it isn’t too much bread (common issue with burgers), it is still soft and you wouldn’t even really know it is wholemeal.

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I get to try the “Sunrise Surprise” as well and it is great. Not being a huge fan of pineapple on pizza I am not sure on this inclusion either but the ‘surprise’ for me is that it really works in this combo and ironically suits this 30-degree summery day we are enjoying. Chips are plank style, crunchy, seasoned perfectly and the sauces (dips) awesome as always. Smoked Chilli Mayo is my favourite.

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A benefit today of sitting on the communal ‘old door – come table’ out the front is our new ‘dining friends’ get some other menu offerings that I get to cheekily inspect – the vego “Farmers Market” burger is an impressive stack full of veg favs and goats cheese and we also see two mini “Moo Moos” (salad optional) come to the table as well. I am thinking these are great cheeseburger substitutes but SOOOO much better in every respect than anything you will find at maccas. These customers are also really impressed with their lunch and are ‘cleverly’ washing it down with a beer. That would be nice if work wasn’t to follow.

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It has been a really good lunch and lived up to every expectation on the food front, it is as good as any other burger I have had in a very long time. What has really impressed me today has been the service, which is all really efficient and super friendly, and then the set-up and surrounds is the perfect cherry on top. Hats off to these boys for getting it all so right and the result is a fantastic vibe that only enhances the whole experience, no wonder there are lines to the door.

One of my burger favourites and a great benchmark is “Grill’d” in Melbourne that ticks all the boxes for me, which has today been surpassed by Fancy Burgers and that is no mean feat. As a result, I have a feeling I am going to be calling in pretty regularly from now on and am genuinely excited at what new burger variant I will try next – there certainly is plenty to sample and I have a feeling I will like them all.

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Fancy Burgers
17 Synagogue Place (off Rundle Street), Adelaide, South Australia
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Vibe: 9/10
Cost: $

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