Hungry in the Hills… Breakfast at Aldgate Providore & Cafe, Mt Barker Road, Aldgate, Adelaide Hills, SA

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I love the hills, especially in the cool weather. It is so pretty, the air is crisp and it makes you want to huddle into warm places and eat up. So it didn’t take much convincing to head to the hills and visit Aldgate Providore & Cafe for a Saturday brekky.

First things first… this place has character and it is all its own. It isn’t a carbon copy of any of the new vogue places (no drinks in jars here!), it is unique and true to itself. As you walk in it is instantly warm, friendly and charming. Inspired by Spanish/European old world decor along with some country rustic-ness the result is cute, quaint and homely.

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We take our seat at one of the red tartan tables and peruse the menu. There are REALLY good options that all sound interesting. The classics and then some great fresh combinations. What certainly comes through is that where possible it is local produce, clearly called out such as Nairne bacon or Mylor sourdough for example.

Across the table the choices are poached eggs and bacon, scrambled eggs and bacon (with added haloumi) and the baked beans with spinach and chorizo. The mexican scrambled sound good but the local bacon must be tried on this first visit.

Hot drinks out and the coffee is good, tea generously served in a pot and hot chocolate ordered weak but still very rich (they said this was weak compared to normal, wow). Coming in from the cool crisp morning these warmers certainly hit the spot. The fresh juice, squeezed to your chosen combination, is beautiful as well and the ideal side to our breakfast plates when they arrive.

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Dishes out and they are all vibrant, piping hot and get us salivating. Poached eggs are cooked perfectly and sit as proud oozing pillows. The bacon is deliciously flavoured, juicy but lean and the bread is rustic and lovely. Haloumi is a nice flavour and ideal texture but very salty. The beans are hearty and the chorizo adds a beautiful smokey and rich flavour. Overall, everything is fantastic and we are all savouring every mouthful. I love it when a place just gets it right and you are completely satisfied.

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The only criticism if being picky would be that the service isn’t particularly diligent. You find yourself going to find water for the table or sugar for your coffee… I didn’t get annoyed about that though as it isn’t through being uncaring or dismissive but more a symptom of the laid back style of the place which is part of its charm so you just go with it. All the staff are very friendly and responsive when asked for anything, throwing in a smile and genuine small talk so you don’t really mind.

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This place diversifies too… it has produce & groceries for sale, would be great for coffee and cake (with fresh made options on the counter daily), a lunch menu, does dinner/dance events and I have heard great things about their paella days. To be kept updated on everything on offer, be sure to like their Facebook page.

So beat the chaos of the city and head to the hills for some fresh air and and a fresh take on breakfast at this supurb little spot.

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Aldgate Providore & Cafe
Aldgate Village Arcade
6/220 Mt Barker Road, Aldgate, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Vibe: 8/10
Cost: $

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